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Charter Management

Charter Management - Yacht Marine’s Charter Management Services include the very best pre and post charter services, including coordination of flights, transportation, private chefs and more. Once on board our experienced crew are trained to provide the highest level of service while maintaining expert seamanship, ensuring our clients experience is unparalleled and unforgettable.


Charter Marketing
Yacht Marine’s Charter Marketing Department includes a team of dedicated marketing professionals who work with the following three major marketing tools:


1. Word of mouth marketing - Building our excellent reputation are happy clients that return year after year.
2. Internet and social media tools - Having invested much time and resources in the development of our web platform, we are proud to have created one of the best charter websites on the net. We also work with other comprehensive websites and social media tools.
3. A global network of brokers - Our wide network of professional brokers reach far and wide, so the very best deals reach our ears often before they have been made public.